Sunday, August 10, 2014

Therese Racket-Rebelle 7" (France, 1987) & Desechables-La Oración 7" (Spain, 1983)

Omigosh, it's been like a MONTH since I did a blog post. Mostly, because I got so fed up with my internet provider I told them to shut my internet the fuck off and it took me a while to get it back up and running again. Also, I have been working weird hours and dealing with crazy, daily life and fests and broken baby arms and in-laws and so on and so forth. Anyway, all that aside, here I am and here are a couple bands I will tell you about because...

The other day my friend Rocio and her parents came over for dinner (they are from Spain) and her dad asked why I had Desechables records. I thought this was a funny question. Is that SO weird?! In all honesty, Desechables are a band I love but I haven't listened to them in a while. So, it was even more bizarre when they came up again a few days later... My friend Pascal put on a fucking amazing poster show and sale. Loads of French, Spanish and German posters from the early 80's. I spent a pretty penny but got a load of stuff because it was all so cheap. I am kinda bummed I didn't have an extra $60 to drop on some original Edith Nylon press kit glossies, one of the most expensive things there. Oh well. Anyway, in the boxes and boxes of posters were two Desechables posters and I knew I needed them. One of them is (partially) pictured below, the purple pic dated Saturday 29, 1984. Pretty hot, right? The other pic is the cover of their for single, La Oración, out in 1983. And that brings us to the second half of our story...

So, I had gone over the list of stuff that was gonna be for sale at the poster show but when I was going through the bins I randomly stumbled across this Therese Racket poster (directly below) and was totally blown away. As I was leaving about half a dozen of my friends went through my pile to see what I had gotten and no one knew Therese Racket. I haven't known about them for that long either but I am a sucker for this exact kind of thing. Anyway, when my French friend didn't even know who they were I decided it was time to share. So, here we are. Therese Racket. I am a bit short on time so you are not getting much info out of me on either bands but you can listen to the songs and judge for yourself!

Also, as a semi-side note, I also got a poster of the German NDW band Ideal and this little Crammed Records promo poster featuring a couple of my faves Family Fodder and People In Control. 

Obvy, I have been holding it in for way too long and I wish I had had time in the last month to do a million blog posts but here we are, just this one. And now I am out of time so off again. Hopefully to be back sooner than later.