Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nice & New: Tweens, Douce Angoisse, Pale Lips, Pleasure Leftists, Dum Dum Girls & Blouse

I told you I'd be back at the end of the month with more show updates and here I am! Most of these bands probably don't need an introduction. But, I just want you to know, they are all gonna be playing Montreal in the next week. So, if you wanna come say hi, I will be at ALL of these shows, even the ones happening on the same night. Of course, as always, you are welcome to come drink and dance with me. Here's what's happening in chronological order:

Friday, March 28th. (tomorrow) 
Blouse and Dum Dum Girls are playing at Il Motore. I am super curious to see how this show is gonna go. My gut says it should totally sell out a venue this size, but Il Motore is a notorious kiss of death so...we will see! Event info HERE.  After the show we will be staying to dance at the monthly Faggity Ass Friday dance party where Douce Angoisse will also be playing, who I have somehow never managed to see.

Alright, moving on to next week, because who knows if I'll make it back before then.

Saturday, April 5th.
Just a reminder about something I've already posted, our friends SVPER, from Barcelona, will be playing their ONLY Canadian date (sorry Toronto) so don't miss it. Police Des Moeurs will also be playing as it is a show to celebrate the release of their new LP. Event info HERE.

Sunday, April 6th. 
***Not blog related***, but just a bit of shameless self promotion, our dear friends Processor will be playing at Casa with Cell Memory and Hobo Cubes. So, come out for a lovely evening of dream noise, soundscapes and reasonably priced drinks and nachos. You know in your heart that Mac Demarco and Amen Dunes is way too expensive anyway. Event info HERE. 

Monday April 7th, 
Pleasure Leftists vs. Tweens.
I have been bugging people left and right trying to figure out which show to go to and I have finally decided I'm gonna bust my ass and go to both. I have loved the Pleasure Leftists since I first heard them, and you may remember even interviewed them for the zine HERE. But, the new LP fell a bit flat for me. Tweens, on the other hand, are still fresh in my mind and have not disappointed me...yet. so, I'm gonna give both bands a chance to dazzle me. Pleasure Leftists are playing at Il Motore (gross, I know) and the event info is HERE. Tweens are playing at Cabaret Playhouse with our friends Pale Lips, who I'm probably sadly going to miss...again. Event info HERE.

Okay, I have to leave it at that for now. I think that's a bit of info overload anyway. Maybe I'll see you this week! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bernthøler-My Suitor 7" (Belgium, 1983)

Everyone always tells me that they love how personal the blog is. But, despite my overly familiar and casual writing style, the blog is not actually very personal at all. Anyone who knows me well will tell you I am actually very guarded with my emotions. Right now, I am going to let the guard down...A LITTLE, and just to explain why I have chosen to post this song. Some of you may know that my mother has been going through a bout of cancer for quite a while now, her third. On this front things are FINALLY looking up. But, another friend is also going through a battle with the disease. Without spilling any dirt that's not mine to dish, I have had a really hard day with some news we've gotten regarding this and some news we haven't. 

I was listening to a French ODIF playlist earlier to lift my spirits and mistakenly (because they are from Belgium) stuck in there was Bernthøler. I had forgotten about this band and this song punched me right in my face and I have been listening to this record pretty much since then. Sometimes you find a perfect song for how you're feeling and this is it for me today.  This particular single was pressed in England on Blanco Y Negro and touted by John Peel so you know it must be kinda alright.  


This second track is a little more accessible as it sounds more like other stuff that was going on at the time. Anyway, there are other good tracks, most of which you can find on Youtube as this group had a pretty big following at one point. You can read a brief history HERE and or some more HERE.

As a bonus, here's the title track from their first single Japanese Garden. 

Okay, I hope you are all having healthy and happy days out there. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Waaaaah! CD (UK, 1991)

Today I had to listen to some stuff that took me back to a part of the 90's that I hate. My brain backlashed and brought me back to some stuff I'm gonna share with you here. A part of the 90's that I love. This general theme has been the majority of my day and as with my Subway Organisation post, I am not going to get into too many specifics for these groups, maybe none at all? Oh yeah, all this stuff can be found on the Waaaaah! CD compilation out in 1991.

Strawberry Story
I must have listened to this one 20 times today. So fucking catchy.
Here's some other stuff you can track down and listen to HERE.

 Fat Tulips
Evidently this song was on an episode of Pete and Pete,
which makes me love it even more. You can read a bit HERE.

 The Dufflecoats
No funny anecdotes about this one. Just a tiny bit HERE.

Thanks again, Cloudberry! HERE.

Have always loved them. A bit HERE.

 The Bedflowers
This is the song that inspired this post and although this tune is
not on the comp I mentioned, it's a great one.

There are a couple others without Youtube links.

The Duglasettes 
This song KILLS me. Like a little baby singing. Take a listen HERE. Or maybe y'all will like this one better HERE.

The Red Alarm Clocks
Also great, listen HERE.

Okay, I am sick, slept like total shit last night and worked all night so I'm off to bed.

Fuck ,you know I was super tired because somehow I forgot...
The Cudgels

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nice & New: PANG & SVPER

I am going to skip rehashing my weekend, a lot of you probably saw me out and about, because the early part of this week has already been filled with excitement. I'm gonna start off with PANG. Our long-lost friends over at Grazer Records sent this over yesterday and I'm kind of obsessed with it already. I love it when people know what I like! Anyway, this is some super catchy poppy "post-punk," terrible description I know, but it definitely hits me right in my sweet spot. This is the title track of their new EP. It'll be out April 8th and pre-orders start next week. I'm real excited about this one and I just couldn't wait to share.

Secondly, last night we played UNO and ate hummus with SVPER from Barcelona and they are just dolls. If you get the chance to see them, don't miss it. They hit North America yesterday and are flying to Austin today to start their tour. Montrealers, they will be back here in a couple weeks to play the Police Des Moeurs record release show HERE on April 5th. You can listen to more HERE.

Alright, time for a shower and then to real work. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mau Mau-Kraft LP (Germany, 1982)

It's beautiful outside. Not deathly cold and super sunny. It's ALMOST enough to make you think spring could actually be right around the corner.  That has yet to be seen however. But, if you are hopeful, like me, this is a perfect little ditty to bop around to outside in the sunshine. This song is in French although this group is German and has quite a pedigree. It's well worth Google translating this to read a bit about the band HERE. Otherwise, you can download the full album HERE. This group had a bunch of other releases but this is the only one where Claudia Sennlaub sings so...

Have a happy sunshiney day. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Welders-S/T EP (US, 1979) & D-Day-Too Young To Date 7" (US, 1979)

Well, here's a funny combo for you. I'll let you listen to the lyrics and figure out why I put these two songs together. First up, the Welders. I have a soft spot for anything from St. Louis back in the day and here we have it. I lived in STL for 5 years and discovered little to nothing about it's musical past and maybe it's because awesome releases, like this one, are all sitting around in people's basements, having never been released. This particular record was found and released in 2010 on BDR, who seem to specialize in STL punk, which is totally rad.  I think I also remember some sort of MRR feature about it. Don't quote me on that. Anyway, there's a little info HERE or check out the label HERE

And secondly, D-Day. I'm laughing to myself now because I don't even know where to start with this. Okay, let me start by saying this is their 1979 7" called Too Young To Date, which, not surprisingly, got them quite a bit of attention, good and bad. This record was the first released on Austin's legendary Moment Productions label which went on to put out the Big Boys and Standing Waves. Inadvertently, this post features two bands from places I used to live and maybe my brain is making deeper connections than I realize, especially given the subject matter of the tunes. ANYWAY, you can read an interesting bit about this group HERE.

I actually prefer the B side to this record which I will throw in here just for the hell of it. A tune called Every Time I Ask You Out with a distinctly X dual-vocals vibe. 
Okay, time to go to work!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Nice & New: Ice Cream, Brusque Twins, She Divides & Towanda

All last month I kept telling people I would just see them next month and here we are. Next month.  So...let me tell you a little bit about what I have planned, maybe you'll want to do some of the same stuff! I have been kind of fearing this week and tried to sleep all weekend in preparation but that didn't work.  Luckily, a few things have been cancelled and MOST of what is applicable to you, is listed below.

Okay, I'm gonna REALLY pare this down for you. Just the stuff you should really care about, as there are loads of other shows all week.  

Friday, March 7th, Trust from Toronto will hit it at SAT with Mozart's Sister whom you can listen to HERE. Event info HERE. This show is going to be packed and is, let's be honest, a bit expensive. So, if 20 bones is out of your price range, I offer you Ice Cream! Also from Toronto playing the Hit It! showcase with some other bands, event info HERE. Take a listen to them HERE and see whatcha thinks. IF $7 IS STILL TOO MUCH MONEY FOR YOU, I offer you Towanda playing a Death Church benefit show, PWYC, event info HERE. Listen HERE.  

I'm only gonna tell you about one show for Saturday, March 8th and that is Kontravoid playing with She Divides and our dear darlings the Brusque Twins. Event info HERE. Kind of a weird line-up but I will be there, with cupcakes and bells on. 

I will be back with more shows the last week of the month, maybe earlier?
See you in the pit, so to speak.