Thursday, December 19, 2013

Toxic Fumes-Easy Money (US, 1983)

I posted this song earlier and thought "That was silly, this should totally be a blog post." So, here we are.  Talkin' about the 1983 Mystic Records The Sound of Hollywood Girls comp.  This was the accompaniment to The Sound of Hollywood-Destroy LA, they came out the same year. But, it would appear the ladies didn't gain much traction, despite the catchy name and pretty sweet cover art.  And, I will tell you, there are really only a couple good tracks in the bunch, in my opinion. You can read a bit about it or download it all and see for yourself HERE.

This particular song is my favourite track from the whole comp, and seemingly & sadly the only release, by LA group Toxic Fumes.  As I've told y'all before,  I LOVE songs about money and this one is a real doozy.  And, very appropriate since I FINALLY got paid today from a job I've been working at for a good long while.  A Christmas miracle!  Anyway, that's all for now.  If I don't make it back before Christmas, have a happy holiday!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Joolz-Love Is (Sweet Romance) 7" (UK, 1985)

I am back from Toronto! What a wild weekend.  I had a VERY interesting meeting with Mark of United State for the next issue of the zine and picked up some records including this little gem, Joolz, among some other things.  I must say, I skipped this record the fist time based on the cover art but am happy it was put back under my nose for re-inspection.  Both tracks on this are super cool, by why wouldn't they be, the music was written by guys from New Model Army and was recorded by Mark Boyne, who also worked on almost every New Order record.  And, here's a big, long interview with her HERE. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the track. I am going to get some interviews transcribed and rehydrate after a very taxing 48 hours.  Hope you had a good weekend!

Monday, December 2, 2013

DA!-Dark Rooms 7" (US, 1981)

Totally bummer news about Lorna Donley, the singer of Chicago post-punk group DA!, passing away today.  I am not usually an obit/in memoriam kinda person but just thought what better time to share the work of this awesome group.  Also, seemed like this was going under the radar a bit. I'm not gonna mush this up with anything else.  Enjoy the jams.

Hugs and big wet kisses,

Les Lou's/The Questions-Take a Ride (France, 1979)

Monday again, already?  How does this keep happening.  Every time I turn around it's freakin' Monday again.  I had a discussion with someone yesterday about sharing things you don't want to share and here's one I didn't want to share. I know it's selfish, but some things you just feel other people won't appreciate ENOUGH, that's how I feel about Les Lou's/The Questions.  Although, I do not have much information to share about this group, what little I have I am keeping for the zine (sorry!).  I also don't know why they have two names or why they never had any official releases, all comp tracks and an appearance in a film I have mentioned here many times, my favourite, Le Brune Et Moi.  Without further ado, here's my favourite track, SUCH a great song, taken straight from the film, called Take A Ride.

If you like that and you haven't already seen the movie Le Brune Et Moi here it is in it's entirety!  You heard me.  Don't wait, go watch it now.  It's only, like, an hour long.

Ok, that's all I'm saying for now. WATCH THIS MOVIE!