Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween with Skeletal Family, Beast, 45 Grave, March Violets, X-Mal Deutschland, Pretty Poison & United State

Tomorrow is Halloween! People seem to have mixed feelings about Halloween. Here's a bunch of awesome shit to get you in the mood. So, tease up your hair and away we go.

Skeletal Family, along with a couple other bands I'm gonna mention here, were supposed to be in the next issue of the zine, which I'm pretty sure I've given up on. If I ever have the time I will try to publish all the interviews I have accrued, here, on the blog. In the mean time, Skeletal Family. Still playing, you can keep track of them here.

Next up, Beast. I have been a long-time fan of Beast, have all the records and this video just kills me. Perfect style. This band also featured Bryan Gregory of the Cramps and maybe, also, someday I will publish the interview I have with Andrella just sitting around collecting dust.

Let's see, what's next... Something else with teased hair? You betcha. I think we're mostly familiar with 45 Grave so I won't go into it, just to say this live video is pretty fucking rad so here you go...

As you all know by now, I love cheese, and I don't mean the food. I love cheesy synth, cheesy disco and you better fucking believe I love cheesy goth. This song is always popping up in my head and again, a great video with "great" style.

And, I can't not do this:

Argh, I also love this song and this video. Pretty Poison from the city of brotherly love. If you have been to a night I DJed, I absolutely played this song and if you come see me on the 14th at the Xarah Dion record release show I will play it again. 

Lastly, a gem I've been holding onto for quite some time now. United State from Toronto. Goddamn, I love this video and this band. Again, someday I will publish the interview I have with them, until then, enjoy the headdress.

Okay, I hope if you weren't in the mood, that helped. And if you are already jazzed for Halloween, this added to your enthusiasm. I have had a shitty day and am gonna try to go sike myself up for the rock star themed office Halloween party I have to endure tomorrow. 

Love like blood,

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Zéro De Conduite-Je Suis Mort 7" (France, 1984)

No matter how much you know, certain people always make you feel like you don't know a thing. I hung out with one of those friends last night at his birthday party and let him take me to school. Part of my lesson was Zero De Conduite, from France, obviously. They formed in 1982 when they were wee ones, all 12 years old at the time. I can't even remember what I was doing when I was 12 but it wasn't putting out records and making music videos. Their first single, Je Suit Mort, which translates to "I am dead", came out in 1984 and by 1990 the band was over with a handful of singles and an LP.

Here are both sides of the first single, the B-side of which is an amazing music video/interview with the kids.

Love, love, love,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Odds & Ends

So, people are always asking me what I'm listening to now and I don't even respond usually, because it's always such an odd playlist of mis-mashed random tracks it's seems like I shouldn't even admit to it. But, I have so many things I love and want to share that I'm gonna peel back the curtain and post a bunch of shit I have been jamming lately, in no particular order, no particular genre, completely un-curated. Off the cuff!

This Human Backs song I listen to most every day lately. I have been feeling like a lumbering zombie-monster due to lack of sleep and elevated stress so it suits me just fine. Also, my Ipod only seems to have New Wave Complex comps on it for some reason. I don't remember doing that but...

Secondly, this Lene Lovich tune which appears on the soundtrack of the movie Radio On, along with like, every other band ever. I haven't seen the movie in forever until I had to watch it at work the other day and this song stuck in my brain. Catchy lyrics and a ridiculous video:

So, obvy, I have been pretty down lately and have been jamming some pretty high energy stuff, especially at work, to keep me motivated and out of my own head. This fucking Sandra song, I literally listen to it over and over and over at work and dancing in my chair. It's sooooo bad good. 

This Hermine song is always stuck in my head. Every time something displeases me or I feel like I'm being tortured, it pops up again. And what style!

This Gertrud Stein song doesn't even really need an introduction from me, it's fucking catchy and again, a good work jam. Or, an anti-work jam. Anyway, I listen to it at work.

This The United States of America record I picked up on a whim the other day when I was at my friend's record store. I have been listening to it non-stop since then. I love the easy, breezy vibe.

Here's another disco song for you. I don't think people realize how much disco I listen to, and dumb cheesy disco at that. Why would they? But, I will admit it to you here. The other day I found this Sophie record on the top of the new arrivals stack at Aux 33 Tours. And I subsequently spent 30 hopeful minutes crawling around on the floor going through their disco section to find nothing else of interest. Womp womp. Anyway, I absolutely love this OTT classic.

Of course, Weekend. This song was thrown back into my mix by a very lovely new friend who reminded me listening to sad music when you're sad is okay. It's going well so far, haven't cried once! 

Okay, that's all I have time for right now. 
Enjoy the silence,