Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nice and New: The Courtneys & Vierance

For those of you who don't know, I have a day job doing freelance subtitling for movies and TV. This basically means I sit at my computer watching movies all day, every day, mostly terrible. Today, completely unexpectedly, I got promoted! So starting Monday I will no longer be working from home.

But, before leaving my home office behind, I have one one last hurrah this weekend. Tonight, SINS and Vierance are invading our fair city, from Toronto. They will be playing at the Death House on SATURDAY with Brusque Twins and it would be lovely to see you there. Event info HERE.

But, before I get ahead of myself, tonight after picking them up from the train station, I will be putting in an appearance at the Lumpy and the Dumpers show to see some very old friends from the STL which I am totally excited about.  It's been way too long. If I have the time, energy, I will also try to sneak over to the Courtneys show which you can look into HERE.  Who knows if I will actually make it despite my best efforts.

Tomorrow I will be resting so you will not see me at Angelic Upstarts.  But Saturday, ugh, Saturday will start with Kids Pop, a going-away picnic for our Finnish friend and ending with the aforementioned show. There is another show at the Vitrola on the punker side featuring Malokio, if that's more your speed. Sunday, baby shower and taking my favourite German to the airport. It's a weekend of brief hellos and long good-byes and, honestly, I'm happy to be so busy so I won't start crying that everyone is leaving. So, come find me and buy me juices and gelatoes to cheer me up since I'm also driving around and not drinking. Here are some songs from bands you can come and see with me.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hilary Laddin-The Sell 7" (US, 1980)

It's a wonder at the end of some days I don't just fall over, dead, on the floor in a puddle of my own drool. Today is one of those days. Work was gruelling and I was just not expecting that.  My eyes are completely glazed over and I feel like if I actually close them, they will never have the power to open again. Otherwise, so far, it's been a lovely week with a helluva weekend coming up. Loads of friends in town including my German bestie who brought me presents including a Christmas pyramid and some hand cream/shampoo, not sure which because I can't read German.  And, starting tomorrow, there are a bunch of shows including, but not limited to, Tropic of Cancer on Saturday with our dear friends Police Des Moeurs opening.   

ANYWAY, y'all don't really care about any of that. You just want the songs, right? Well, here's one for you, going back to my roots with some pics to boot. A little jammy jam from Hilary Laddin, who also drummed in the band The Leaving Trains, whom you may remember. This is not like that and I like it way better. Here are both sides to her only solo single The Sell, released in 1980 on What Records? most famous for a couple Dils and Germs records that were KINDA popular, or something, I don't know. Unfortunately, Hilary passed away in 2007 but this is still a pretty rad record that deserves more light of day. 

Alright, I'm wiped. Talk to you after the weekend.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Karen Marks-Cold Cafe 7" (Australia, 1981)

Alright, here's a real little slice of pie for you. And good goddamn if you can't tell this is Australian just from listening to it. There's a sweet little write up of this sweet little record over on Systems of Romance HERE, produced and partially co-written by Ash Wednesday, just so you know. If you don't have an extra $500 to drop on the real thing, you can also download it there as well. Anyway, I'm pretty much head over heels for this record, so without further ado:

In other news, still DJing tomorrow night at Minimale Musique and I'm home alone for the next few days so don't expect to hear from me till well after the weekend. Okay, off to do the million and one chores and errands I have. Hope to see you all tomorrow! 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Valerie Krystal-Piece Of My Heart LP (Canada, 1983)

Oh man. It's been a minute since I checked in here. I have been deathly ill for about a week and simultaneously slammed at work so, I've been going to bed at about 9 every night. Right now I am about 75% human, about 25% snot, but working on bringing that latter percentage down. Anyway, pretty much the only other thing I have been doing for the last week is listening to disco. I know what you're going to say but just hear me out. It's awesome. That's all the semi-convincing I have the energy to do. Anyway, if that's not enough, here's a song I have been jamming a lot lately. I think it's pretty fucking catchy and totally Canadian, eh? Meet Valerie Krystal. Man, there are so many things I like about this but mostly it's her little kid voice. I was only gonna post Jailbait, my favorite song of hers, but Tic Toc is like a new wave Sparks song so I'm putting it up for you too. I just can't stop, I love her so. 

Anyway, the actual reason I'm posting this is to lead into this: next Thursday, May 8th, to be exact, I am going to be doing an ODIF inspired DJ set at Minimale Musique. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve for this night and I hope you can all come out and drink, dance, both or neither. The event info is HERE. I hope to see some of y'all there. Bring your dancing shoes. TGIF!