Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nice & New:Police Des Moeurs, Essaie Pas & Tops

I know this is last minute, and it's a Sunday, but this show is tonight!  And y'all should totally go.  Playing are a slew of Montreal bands I rather like, including Police Des Moeurs, who played my ODIF showcase a while back if you remember.  Also, Essaie Pas, featuring Marie Davison, who are playing this last show before heading out on a European tour with Mushy.  Lastly, uber-pop Tops.  Should be a great time for a good cause.  Event info HERE.

If you happen to be in the Toronto area, Lebanon Hanover and Selofan are playing again tonight.  One last show before they head home. Event info HERE.

Ok, hope you all had a great weekend and I'll be in touch later this week.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

Nice & New: U.S. Girls

Happy Monday!  Hope you all are recovered from your weekends, I know I am not.  Peach Kelli Pop, Lebanon Hanover and Selofan were all amazing and if you missed the shows you can find videos HERE.  This post is going to be totally lazy because, well, it's Monday morning.  I don't know what it is with Il Motore lately but it seems their shows are not being promoted at all.  This Saturday, U.S. Girls are playing there and I think it's totally worth mentioning here.  You can check out the band HERE or HERE and the event info is HERE.  Here's a video as well:

I will remind you about this again before Saturday and I hope to see you all there.  


UPDATE!!!! Nevermind, U.S. Girls dropped off this show.  Oh well!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flowers (UK, 2013) & Flowers (Scotland, 1979)

It's way too early to be alive, but I thought I would make this post that was in my head when I woke up.  Other things in my head when I woke up, the song Clouded Eyes by Chron Gen and some remnants of  crazy dream about World War 13.  Anyway, a friend sent me this first song yesterday and I love the sound.  You can find more from this current London trio Flowers HERE and a bunch of their music HERE.  

When I saw the name I thought this new group was the old Scottish band Flowers who you know from several Fast Records comps. As usual, I am not going to say much about this band.  I have a secret plan to do a feature on the Earcom comps in a future issue of the zine so I don't want to ruin the surprise.  All to say, two bands with the same name seemed like a nice way to start the weekend, as Thursday is the new Friday.  Here's my favourite Flowers song from 1979. 

Also, a couple little reminders:  I forgot to tell y'all last weekend that Molly Nilsson was playing in Montreal.  And consequently, I forgot to go and have been kicking myself since.  So, don't pull a Megon and forget to go to one of the THREE shows this weekend.  

Thursday 17th, Peach Kelli Pop @ Il Motore 
Friday 18th, Lebanon Hanover @ Playhouse
Saturday 19th, Marie Davidson @ Casa 

Or you can join me early on Saturday at Cafe Atomic for an ODIF DJ set around 10pm.

Ok, happy Thursday!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Nice & New: Peach Kelli Pop & Lebanon Hanover

This weekend isn't even officially over and I'm already stressed/excited about NEXT weekend.  It also struck me that I haven't posted about any current bands on the blog, despite my best efforts to include them in the print zine. To rectify that, I have a double whammy for you...right now!

First up: Peach Kelli Pop from Ottawa.  This is the side project of the drummer of The White Wires, who I absolutely adore and have for a good long while.  The LP is out on Burger Records and is really fucking catchy.  You can see for yourself.  She is playing at Il Motore this Thursday, the 17th.  Event info HERE.  You can also find her HERE and HERE.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lebanon Hanover are playing here on Friday the 18th.  You can find event info HERE.  It's gonna be a fun, drug-addled cold-wave dance party. Here's a song to whet your appetite.  You can also find them HERE and HERE.

I will  also be doing an ODIF DJ set at the Atomik Cafe on Saturday night.  Super classic catchy punk, power pop and punksploitation.  Should be fun and funny.  Not sure what time, yet. Details will follow.  Hope to see you at some point this weekend!  


BONUS: The Pleasure Leftist LP is finally out on Deranged featuring a new crop of hits.  Here's one live.  Get a copy while you can, totally worth it.  Very lastly, the NEO BOYS double LP is also out on K Records.  Also worth dropping some bones on.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons-Screams To God (Sweden, 1980)

Here's one you probably already know, but, I am totally obsessed with this song from Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons.  So, I'll go ahead and share it anyway.  If you like it you can follow them on Facebook HERE or get a copy of the reissue over at Dark Entries HERE .  

In other news, our Montreal ODIF showcase on Thursday was a hit.  If you want to see how it went, there are videos HERE of Police Des Moeurs, Noyade and Low Factor as well as a few from the ODIF release show back in September in Fayetteville with Neon Glittery and Llinda.  Also, our friend David over at Astral Bating took a ton of rad pictures at the Montreal show which you can check out HERE.

Lastly, on our road to world domination, Issue #1 is reviewed in this month's issue of MRR.  Even made the top ten. So, that's something! Alright, before I forget, here's the song:

Ok, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Emma Sharpe & The Features-I'm Not Crying (UK, 1979)

Ok, here's another one I have pestered my friends with since I first heard this song.  I still have hopes on this so I'm not going to say a lot but my buddy Sovannak made me a rad video so I could share this with y'all. I am totally obsessed/in love with Emma Sharpe and The Features and you can find most anything you want to know HERE. Ok, countdown is on to the ODIF Montreal Showcase on Thursday.  Going to be a great show and loads of fun.  Hope to see everyone there!  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Silvia-Silvia LP (Germany, 1982)

I have been a long-term fan of Silvia but today this song was buzzing around in my head 
and that seemed good enough reason to share.  If you like it, it has been reissued on CD
over at Genetic Records, you can find it HERE.

In other news, work continues, slowly, on Issue II.  I am booking an Only Death Is Fatal
Montreal Showcase with Noyade, Low Factor and Police Des Moeurs on Oct. 10th.  So, if you're in the area come join us at Katacombes. All event info can be found HERE.

Ok, that's all for this fine Tuesday night.