Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Suzi Hendrix - Zero Zero 7" (UK, 1979)

 So, so, so much is changing in my life I can hardly keep up. I am super excited for summer. Loads of friends coming to visit, coming to stay, loaning me their cats temporarily, all topped off by a little trip home at the end of the month. And if everything goes to plan, a trip to London in August to scope out the city for THE BIG MOVE. That's right, you heard it here first, despite everyone's protestations, we are up and moving to the UK. Everyone keeps asking why and there are a million reasons, I can't even specify. But mostly, "Why not?" The land of my favorite bands and records of all time is calling. 
And, come on, those accents. 

Anyway, here's a little song I have been playing a lot lately. The A-side for one of two singles released by Suzi Hendrix on Radio Records in 1979. Can't wait for my copy to come in the mail.  I know it will probably not provide any more clues to this enigmatic record, but maybe, just maybe I can shake some info loose. In the meantime, you can listen here. I personally think it sounds as good as it looks and it looks pretty awesome. 

Anyway, this will be short and sweet as I need all the sleep. As always, I hope to be back soon, and if not, later days! 


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Witha-Alltagsspiele 7" (Germany, 1983)

So, I kind of quit my job yesterday! Pretty exciting. My boss asked me to stay on for a while and if things got better, I wouldn't have to leave at all. Nice try, buddy. That'll never happen. I will say, I totally needed that weight off my shoulders since I'm still dealing with some pretty stressful house stuff and I'm feeling scattered and generally like a crazy person and my job makes all that 10,000% worse. With any luck I will be back home freelancing again with loads of time to make posts and zines for you lovely people again soon. 

I have been listening to a lot music lately though, mostly Men Without Hats, let's be honest, but loads of other stuff too, including and not limited to this Witha song. Like a lot of the records I put on here, I haven't been able to gather much info on this release in the limited time I've had to look into it. I have a crazy theory based on pretty much nothing that Witha might have actually been the singer from The Days, but this is pretty unfounded. Either way, the B-side of this disc, Mir Geht Es Schlecht, is the real stand out here and perfectly fitting my general mood the last couple of weeks. Fun fact: the new banner for the blog/Facebook are taken from the cover of this record.

 If you want to listen to The Days and try to judge if it's the same woman, here's a catchy jam by them from 1982, a year before Witha. Obviously, kind of a different vibe but who knows?

It makes me a little sad when my detective work doesn't yield results but I'll keep digging and maybe someone will just leave a comment below telling us everything we want to know about Witha!

In the meantime, there's some stuff coming up I'm pretty excited about worthy of note here if you are in the MTL area. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Chandra here before and she will be playing April 3rd at Le Ritz, event info HERE.

Not sure how Bleached will be, but I'll probably end up at Le Ritz again for this April 16th. Event HERE.

And finally a show NOT at Le Ritz, Hante will be gracing the stage with the lovely and talented Xarah Dion at Casa April 30th. Event HERE.

And back to Le Ritz for Consumer Electronics on May 6th. Event HERE. 

Chelsea Wolfe will also go up against La Luz on May 16th, but I have a little time to decide where I will end up that night. 

There are lots of other things between here and there where I can probably be found. Hopefully life will settle down a bit. I am going to start my application for Canadian citizenship soon and then with any luck, leave the country soon after! 

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Best of: Megon's European Vacation

We meet again, and so soon!

As I said in my Uniplux post, I have returned from vacation refocused, re-energized and with a LOT of new records and music. I actually fainted from exhaustion on the plane on the way home, my guess because I hauled 40 LPs and 25 7"s in my carry-on luggage through Heathrow for six hours. BUT, I got moved to first class and everyone was super nice to me, once I convinced them I hadn't taken any drugs. Anyhoo, since I have neglected the blog for soooooo long, I thought I would just dump some of my favorite things I picked up on my travels on here for your listening pleasure since I still don't have the time or energy to post about everything individually.  

I must say, one of my fave records from my trip is this Phosphor album Youth & Immorality, a lovely gift from my friend Marco from over at White Circles. I love the ambiance of this album and have been playing it a lot since I got back. This and the Des Jeunes Gens Modernes Vol. 2, which is mind-blowing and you can listen to HERE.

Next up: The lovely Michael from Weyrd Son Records was nice enough to drag me around Brussels for three days and I was fortunate enough to be there when the Carol reissues showed up at Weyrd Son headquarters. I feel honored I got to play with them before they were shipped out to their new homes. If you need one, and let's face it, you probably do, you better act fast HERE. 

Michael also introduced me to this super rad video by Brussels-based :codes which I am now in love with.

Since I'm not made of money, I grabbed the reissue of the Pas De Deux comp mostly for this Cheiron track which I have always loved. 

Honestly, I know nothing about this band, but I play this song a lot when I DJ and I fucking love it. Ridiculous, danceable and catchy jam. 

Evidently, I have never scrolled down to the bottom of the Mo-Dettes Discogs page I guess because I was totally caught off guard by the existence of this flexi featuring the Mo-Dettes doing a cover of Twist & Shout. Alright, it's not the GREATEST cover and flexis sound like shit but as a die hard
Mo-Dettes fan, I'm happy to have it. 

Many of you probably know Paraf from their punky Prekinuti Koitus: 1978 - 1979 reissue that came out a couple years back, but for my money, I prefer their wave stuff like this song from their second album, Izleti, out in 1981. This Yugo stuff is very trendy right now so it's getting more expensive by the day but def recommended if you come across it. 

Hm, what to even say about this Helena Hauff record? Happy to have found a copy in some random shop I passed in Berlin. I only went to two real records shops while I was there which still seemed weird to me. Well, and also the Aufnamhe + Weidergabe office where I dropped a mint, so I guess that accounts for it actually. 

So, another thing I picked up in Brussels was the Nuit Blanche comp which features this off-putting Diseno Corbusier song which also appears on their 1986 album El Alma De La Estrella. There are a couple other gems on this comp that I will try to get uploaded for you soon because they are worth hearing. In the meantime, feel free to be made uncomfortable by this. 

Okay, that's all I will dump on you for now. Hope you find something you like in these totally random picks from my totally random vacation. I'll try to be back soon with more stuff for you but it's me so who knows!

Love, Megon

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Uniplux-Maledetto Rock 7" (Italy, 1984) & S.I.B.- The Third World War LP (Italy, 1981)

I'm not even going to make excuses for how long it's been since my last blog post, but here I am! I have actually just gotten back from Europe, loaded with new records and full of renewed energy for lots of things in my life, including this blog. Isn't that great? So, despite the fact I did not go to Italy on this trip, I did buy this Uniplux 7" in Berlin and thought I would share it. And since my brain can't think in a linear fashion, I thought I would also add in a little bit about another Italian group I love, S.I.B. Anyhoo, here's that non-linear bit in action, but I'll try to remain focused. UNIPLUX. 

I actually didn't know this band before stumbling across the record at Static Shock but the cover (pictured above) was enough to tell me it was for me. I'll spare myself the legwork and send you over to Why Do Things Have To Change if you would like to read about this group a bit or download this 7", which you should, it's a rockin' ripper. But, you can judge for yourself by listening below:

The A side, Maledetto Rock, is super catchy but for my money, the B side, Sally, is the real hit on this record. Anyhoo...

S.I.B. There isn't too much more info on this band than appears on their adorably typo-riddled Discogs page HERE. They only put out one LP on LM Records and consistent with the era, it's pretty varied, but overall prolly worth the hefty price it's pulling down these days. Here are a couple examples, the last of which appears on the My Girlfriend Was A Punk! comp along with a bunch of other personal favorites. Without further ado:

I'm gonna try to scrape together a post about some of my recent favorites so keep your eyes and ears peeled. And, thanks for your continuing interest and support. I continue to receive your kind words and interest despite my long periods of absence and idleness.  

Love and big kisses,

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nice & New: Makthaverskan, Flowers and Fire & Shopping

Wow, it's been like six months since I had time to post on here. Oops! Boy, have I been busy. I won't bore you with too many details but clawing my way from a long, slow descent into madness then getting the world's most stressful job and buying a second house... Been fun. Let's never speak of it again. Anyhoo, a very little update about some stuff that's coming up that I care about. I missed telling you about the Sheer Mag show the other day, and prolly a lot of other stuff in the last six months, but here are a few things to make up for that.

Thursday, September 17th:

Xarah Dion and Police Des Moeurs are playing the Des Jeunes Gens Modernes film launch for POP Montreal. Will be a fun, if not a slightly pricey, evening. Also, the new PDM tracks are hot. Not to be missed. 

Thursday, September 24th:

Flowers and Fire will be playing the first night of Varning Fest with a pretty stacked line-up including Malokio and Dekoder, headlined by Born Dead Icons. That's all I'll say about that. I can't seen to get the embed for this to work but you can listen here if it continues to be difficult:

Wednesday, October 7th:

Man, not to be missed in my opinion, Makthaverskan from Sweden are playing at La Vitrola, event info HERE. I have literally been jamming this all day, very stoked.

Wednesday, October 21st:

SHOPPING. I honestly never thought I'd see Shopping in Montreal but they will be playing at Bar Le Ritz. Gah. Yay! I have loved this band for a long time and stoked to see them the same place I saw 
Wet Dog before them.

Okay, I need sleep.  I make no promises on any future posts but at the very least Tops, Nots and Molly Nilsson are playing soon so maybe I'll come tell you about that? In the meantime, stay frosty! 

Love y'all lots. 


Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Mutettes-Leatherette Heart 7" (US, 1983)

I am completely lacking inspiration for anything interesting to say as a preface to this post. I got a new job and I am stressssssssed and feel like I am the only X-Files fan who thinks the new season is going to be terrible and would really like to take a week of to sew and transcribe old interviews. But, alas, squeezing in a little blog post is all I can muster. In fact, my eyes are closing now listening to this Generation Loss song that's I've been humming all day so let's get this over with. 

Luckily for my mental state there's not a lot to say about this band that Lila Shaara hasn't written up on her site and which goes as follows:

"Many, many, many years ago, I was in the first all-female punk band in North Carolina. We were called the Mutettes. We made a single (as they called them in those days) on vinyl. The two songs were called “Leatherette Heart” (written and sung by Patricia Marterer) and “Shark on the Beach” (written and sung by me, Lila Shaara). It was recorded at Mitch’s Drive In, Mitch Easter’s studio in Winston Salem. REM had recorded there, which impressed us a lot. Mitch was very nice, and did a good job for not too much money. 

The Mutettes were mostly Pat Marterer (guitar), me (guitar), Elaine Craddock (bass), and a number of different drummers. (Our first bass player was Shari Alexander, but Elaine was in the band much longer.) Pat and I did most of the singing. Our first drummer was Sue Sneddon, who is a professional artist now, and paints some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. She is also a great percussionist, and plays with the Mobile City Band (mobilecityband.com) in Durham, NC. After Sue left the Mutettes to pursue her painting, Lesley Webster (pictured on the single cover above, far left, standing up) played drums with us for a while, and then Jan Hanks (a man!) played drums with us for the last year the band was together."  - Lila Shaara

Here's a video I threw up on YouTube but I believe you can download both sides of the single over at Ear-responsibility HERE if you are so inclined, and those links still work. 

Anyway, I am off to bed. Who knows when I'll be back. Maybe once I finally have this mental breakdown I've been nursing for about 6 months. Anything is possible! Enjoy. 


Thursday, February 26, 2015

No Pedestrians Compilation (Canada, 1980)

I am horrible at checking comments on the blog, hardly ever notice them, but I did read one recent comment on my Tyranna posfrom a while ago asking for another song from the 1980 Toronto-based comp No Pedestrians so here we are. A request seemed as good a reason as any to make a post as I have lacked time and inspiration lately so, without further ado, the three other awesome groups from No Pedestrians that aren't Tyranna. Also, the rest of these songs are a bit harder to track down, so there you go, all in one place.

True Confessions-I remember passing this band's LP a while back because I was broke and thinking I would see it again, but I haven't so if you see one, pick it up. It has some real poppers on it. 

Zro4- If you are from Toronto undoubtedly you know this band. By far the punkest offering of the three and a real rager. I'm not sure if they still play, but I know they have done a few reunions and whatnot and are very present on the interweb if you wanna keep up with them on Facebook, etc. 

The Sharks-the request that prompted this post in the first place. I have always liked this song even though I know it won't be to everyone's taste. As far as I've found this is the only recording by this group but if you have any other info or tracks, let me know! 

Alright, I know that was short and sweet but I will be back with more, eventually.
Love, love, love,