Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nice & New: Rakta, Koban, La Luz & Votive

Wow, so much has happened in the last month, I hardly know where to begin. Late last month I turned 31 and then a couple days after I got on a plane to Arkansas to be with my mother when she died. I was away from home, or back home in a sense, for a couple weeks straightening out family business and have been in a fog since I got back to Montreal and pretty much went straight back to work. I have been to a couple shows, begrudgingly, since my return.  La Luz played during Pop Montreal and it was lovely. I posted about them on the ODIF Facebook page once but my love has grown since then so I thought I reiterate it here. If you get a chance to see them, by all means go. They have an LP out on Hardly Art with all the hits from the demo and many more.

I went to one other show during Pop which was a hot mess of wine drunkenness on my part but was Votive from Toronto. I always get suckered into these new TO bands and am usually disappointed, like with Ice Cream. This time was a bit better considering Votive is Cam from Kontravoid with his girlfriend singing, and pretty much sounds exactly like that. Not bummed I went, except the hangover the next day. I can't find a recording of this anywhere however, so go see them live if you get the shot.

Anyway, moving on to another band I am sure I have mentioned before, Koban! The EP is finally out on some massively colorful pink splatter vinyl and on one of our favourite labels, Weyrd Son Records. You can

but the vinyl HERE. Here's one of my favorite tracks from the EP which, consequently, you can read my write up about on the Weyrd Son website. 

I know I didn't mention La Luz and Votive before, when you could have actually gone to see them here, but I'll give you a fair warning on Rakta, from Brazil, who are playing here October 11th at Casa, event info HERE. This band is super trendy nowadays but I do actually really like it. Take a listen:

Anyway, that's that. I have so much more to say, so, time permitting in the next few days, hopefully more posts will follow. 


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