Thursday, March 10, 2016

Witha-Alltagsspiele 7" (Germany, 1983)

So, I kind of quit my job yesterday! Pretty exciting. My boss asked me to stay on for a while and if things got better, I wouldn't have to leave at all. Nice try, buddy. That'll never happen. I will say, I totally needed that weight off my shoulders since I'm still dealing with some pretty stressful house stuff and I'm feeling scattered and generally like a crazy person and my job makes all that 10,000% worse. With any luck I will be back home freelancing again with loads of time to make posts and zines for you lovely people again soon. 

I have been listening to a lot music lately though, mostly Men Without Hats, let's be honest, but loads of other stuff too, including and not limited to this Witha song. Like a lot of the records I put on here, I haven't been able to gather much info on this release in the limited time I've had to look into it. I have a crazy theory based on pretty much nothing that Witha might have actually been the singer from The Days, but this is pretty unfounded. Either way, the B-side of this disc, Mir Geht Es Schlecht, is the real stand out here and perfectly fitting my general mood the last couple of weeks. Fun fact: the new banner for the blog/Facebook are taken from the cover of this record.

 If you want to listen to The Days and try to judge if it's the same woman, here's a catchy jam by them from 1982, a year before Witha. Obviously, kind of a different vibe but who knows?

It makes me a little sad when my detective work doesn't yield results but I'll keep digging and maybe someone will just leave a comment below telling us everything we want to know about Witha!

In the meantime, there's some stuff coming up I'm pretty excited about worthy of note here if you are in the MTL area. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Chandra here before and she will be playing April 3rd at Le Ritz, event info HERE.

Not sure how Bleached will be, but I'll probably end up at Le Ritz again for this April 16th. Event HERE.

And finally a show NOT at Le Ritz, Hante will be gracing the stage with the lovely and talented Xarah Dion at Casa April 30th. Event HERE.

And back to Le Ritz for Consumer Electronics on May 6th. Event HERE. 

Chelsea Wolfe will also go up against La Luz on May 16th, but I have a little time to decide where I will end up that night. 

There are lots of other things between here and there where I can probably be found. Hopefully life will settle down a bit. I am going to start my application for Canadian citizenship soon and then with any luck, leave the country soon after! 

Talk to you soon,

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