Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Suzy & The Dentists-Do You Do You Brush Your Teeth? 7" (UK/Canada, 1981)

Ahoy hoy!

I'm still alive! Quit my job and living the high life of unemployment. With all this free time I've gotten back to my old habits of digging up dirt on obscure records, tracking people down, asking them about shit they don't remember for my own, and hopefully soon your, edification. In my travels around the darkest corners of the internet, I unearthed this. You may remember me posting the Marie Marie version of this track recorded in Belgium a year earlier (cause I'm kind of obsessed with it), and here are the same two tracks recorded by a different artist in "Canada" altho I suspect everyone involved was more of the British persuasion. Anyway, you can listen to the tracks together or separately and judge for yourself. It's a shame no one managed to hit it big with this jam. It also really focuses my attention on the trend of producers recruiting young girl singers and dumping them into obscurity when the song isn't a hit. I run into this a lot when trying to track people down. Anyway, here are the two track, big sax:

In other news, the reissue of Household Shocks is out now on Dark Entries. I really just want to register my disappointment that such a well-established label would be so disrespectful and lazy as to blatantly plagiarize from the article on Household Shocks I wrote for the zine a couple years ago. They are not the first site to do this, but man, what a bummer. It just highlights who is in it for love and who is in it for money, in my opinion. You can compare for yourself HERE on their site and with my original article HERE

Also, since I'm not really in the mood to give Dark Entries any of my money at the moment, the entire Defectors discography just went up on Amazon UK HERE. I know I would rather give my money directly to the artists who made the music I love so much than a label that steamrolls people for "cool points." Anyhoo, tracks include a remastered version of You Only Laughed which sounds better than the video I'm posting now, although you'll get the point! 

Also, in other news, along with slowly but surely working on another zine, I have started a shop of stuff I make and collect. More stuff will be added as soon as I make it but until then you can bookmark the link. (LOL) Same shop as in the sidebar just now with more crap! But, it's very pretty crap. Buy it!


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