Friday, July 5, 2013

Les Marylènes-Le Beau Têtard Sur Son Cigare (France, 1978)

Ok, people of France, now is the time for you to wow me with your knowledge of this record.  Because, I have nothing.  Also, I am disappointed in you ALL for not telling me about this sooner.  I can see how you'd be thrown off, though, by the cover art.  Anyway, take a listen if you don't know it.  Tell me all about it if you do!


Update:  I have put on my French thinking cap and have found some more info about this "group."  Hopefully, will get enough to share in issue #2!

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  1. Music made by Bulldozer, 1977 french punk studio band.

    These girls were former dancers from the awfull hippie/freak band "Martin Circus", then turned punk in 1977...