Monday, January 20, 2014

Suzy Saxon and the Anglos-Boys In Dresses 7" (US, 1983)

I picked this record up in New York a while back completely on a whim. It was cheap, looked awesome, girl singer, right year and lo and behold, it's pretty catchy. And, there's a video! Here's the kicker: I have found everyone in this band and none of them have returned my messages. I did get a hold of (and I'm not gonna say how) Suzy Saxon's cell phone number. BUT SHOULD I CALL HER? Out of the blue, cold call? Seems crazy? I mean, I stalk the heck out of people on the INTERNET for an interview but calling? 
So, what do you think? Should I call Suzy Saxon?

On another note, I am going through some pretty dumb and stressful family shit right now, so please excuse any long absences, etc. I am doing my best to keep everything together but all non-essential programs in my life are taking a hit right now, so have patience with me.  



  1. Replies
    1. Okay! I will muster up some courage and ring her up!

    2. Hey im rebekah warriner, the daughter of nat warriner the drummer (: it warms my.heart to read what u said, my auntie suzy is very kind so if u call youll be fine. All band members of this album is still alive except my daddy, he passed 4 years ago....bob, the guitarist, said he was the best drummer they ever had and he truly was and never stopped even when he was sick ! I still have alot of there posters from back in the day too (: hope this helps !

      Rebekah Warriner, aka nats baby girl (:

    3. P.s. that video won 2nd on battle of the bands on mtv back in the day (:

  2. Don't call her. But if you want to contact the band let me know.