Friday, January 3, 2014

Kate O'Neal-My Hair (US, 1988)

And, we're back!  I hope you all had smashing holidays. For our first post back after the holidays, something a little different.  I have posted before looking for info on bands, and that's what I'm gonna do now.  This time, though, it's personal.  I have never started an investigation with SO LITTLE info about a song.  Here's what I know.  I have long been obsessed with this tune, like, since 1990 when my brother gave me all of his Dr. Demento tapes, which he used to record off of the radio.  Most of the tunes contained within these tapes are your typical silly, novelty stuff.  Some funny, most annoying.  BUT, one of the tapes contains a super low-fi, amateur and woeful tune called My Hair by Kate O'Neal.  Honestly, I think it's the rawness and pitchiness which attracts me to it.  I have found little to no trace of this song online, it just appears on the archive lists of the shows themselves, along with another track credited to her called Kids, Kids, Kids which I have never heard but would LOVE to.  The track itself is not exactly for everyone and I know that, and despite knowing that I'm still gonna share with you the only recording of it I have.  Soon, I am having the tape digitized, but until then you can listen here and imagine what it sounds like without all the background noise and distortion.  And, to those saying I'm crazy and obsessive, I completely agree and wouldn't have it any other way. 

Otherwise, and to the point now. I have tracked down half a dozen people by this name to no avail.  If you are Kate, know Kate, have a recording of this song or the other I mentioned, get at me! A song about not knowing how to wear your hair is something every girl needs to be able to pull out of her musical arsenal. 

All right, I will be back soon with actual informative posts!

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  1. Megon: Kate O'Neal is my ex-wife. I used several of her songs in movies I produced -- Lady Magdalene's and Alongside Night. She specialized in offbeat comedy music. One of her songs, "Don't Die," won a Garrison Keillor songwriting content. Her composing/performing partner is Polly Klemmer and they perform under the name Out of Town. What else do you want to know?