Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween with Skeletal Family, Beast, 45 Grave, March Violets, X-Mal Deutschland, Pretty Poison & United State

Tomorrow is Halloween! People seem to have mixed feelings about Halloween. Here's a bunch of awesome shit to get you in the mood. So, tease up your hair and away we go.

Skeletal Family, along with a couple other bands I'm gonna mention here, were supposed to be in the next issue of the zine, which I'm pretty sure I've given up on. If I ever have the time I will try to publish all the interviews I have accrued, here, on the blog. In the mean time, Skeletal Family. Still playing, you can keep track of them here.

Next up, Beast. I have been a long-time fan of Beast, have all the records and this video just kills me. Perfect style. This band also featured Bryan Gregory of the Cramps and maybe, also, someday I will publish the interview I have with Andrella just sitting around collecting dust.

Let's see, what's next... Something else with teased hair? You betcha. I think we're mostly familiar with 45 Grave so I won't go into it, just to say this live video is pretty fucking rad so here you go...

As you all know by now, I love cheese, and I don't mean the food. I love cheesy synth, cheesy disco and you better fucking believe I love cheesy goth. This song is always popping up in my head and again, a great video with "great" style.

And, I can't not do this:

Argh, I also love this song and this video. Pretty Poison from the city of brotherly love. If you have been to a night I DJed, I absolutely played this song and if you come see me on the 14th at the Xarah Dion record release show I will play it again. 

Lastly, a gem I've been holding onto for quite some time now. United State from Toronto. Goddamn, I love this video and this band. Again, someday I will publish the interview I have with them, until then, enjoy the headdress.

Okay, I hope if you weren't in the mood, that helped. And if you are already jazzed for Halloween, this added to your enthusiasm. I have had a shitty day and am gonna try to go sike myself up for the rock star themed office Halloween party I have to endure tomorrow. 

Love like blood,

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