Monday, December 29, 2014

Corvettes-Love To Hate You 7" (UK, 1980)

So, I had intended on doing lots of bloggy posts during the holiday break but that didn't end up happening so much. Most of my time was spent on holiday cheer, house guests, hostessing and cleaning up from home renovations and said festivities. Oh, and I made half a mixtape. 

Anyway, I did manage to get some research done on things I was going to post, although most of it was a dead end. Whilst I was looking into the group Terminal Fun, who you will thank me for posting later, I came across this gem and only because both singles were produced by the prolific and mysterious Joe Bull. Joe also produced records for (get ready for it): Gothic Girls, European Toys, The Mob, Sad Lovers and Giants along with a load of lesser known bands. I did not manage to shake anything else loose about these two groups, or Sindy & the Action Men which also appears on the list and who I'll also cover later. But, as always, my search continues. I feel like he is the keeper of the keys on this, or maybe not but it's the best lead I have at this point. 

Anyway, here's the Corvettes, out of Brighton which happens to be one of my favorite hot beds of this era. Emma Sharpe, The Objeks, April and the Fools, Helen McCookerybook/The Chefs, The Mockingbirds, Bright Girls/Devil's Dykes, and on and on it goes, all from Brighton/the Vaultage Comps, and I know I'm forgetting some. There is a small article on the Brighton Punk website about the Corvettes HERE which also adequately conveys how incestuous this scene was. If you have a sec, this site also offers an extensive "jukebox" of MP3s which are worth a listen. ANYWAY, I always tend to ramble and have to cut myself off, especially when I haven't been able to post in a while. Without further ado, Corvettes:

Last thing, if anyone has any info on this group, knows or was a former member, as always I can be reached here, our FB page or at I have a super intriguing theory about the singer of this band and would love to get some confirmation on it. 


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  1. Penny Heathcote was also in the Electronic Circus, another band with just one single released. More about that band (and a download of their cool song) can be found here: