Saturday, February 27, 2016

Uniplux-Maledetto Rock 7" (Italy, 1984) & S.I.B.- The Third World War LP (Italy, 1981)

I'm not even going to make excuses for how long it's been since my last blog post, but here I am! I have actually just gotten back from Europe, loaded with new records and full of renewed energy for lots of things in my life, including this blog. Isn't that great? So, despite the fact I did not go to Italy on this trip, I did buy this Uniplux 7" in Berlin and thought I would share it. And since my brain can't think in a linear fashion, I thought I would also add in a little bit about another Italian group I love, S.I.B. Anyhoo, here's that non-linear bit in action, but I'll try to remain focused. UNIPLUX. 

I actually didn't know this band before stumbling across the record at Static Shock but the cover (pictured above) was enough to tell me it was for me. I'll spare myself the legwork and send you over to Why Do Things Have To Change if you would like to read about this group a bit or download this 7", which you should, it's a rockin' ripper. But, you can judge for yourself by listening below:

The A side, Maledetto Rock, is super catchy but for my money, the B side, Sally, is the real hit on this record. Anyhoo...

S.I.B. There isn't too much more info on this band than appears on their adorably typo-riddled Discogs page HERE. They only put out one LP on LM Records and consistent with the era, it's pretty varied, but overall prolly worth the hefty price it's pulling down these days. Here are a couple examples, the last of which appears on the My Girlfriend Was A Punk! comp along with a bunch of other personal favorites. Without further ado:

I'm gonna try to scrape together a post about some of my recent favorites so keep your eyes and ears peeled. And, thanks for your continuing interest and support. I continue to receive your kind words and interest despite my long periods of absence and idleness.  

Love and big kisses,

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  1. These bands are both fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)