Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dogmatic Element-Strange Passion 7" (Ireland, 1982) & Dress Up As Natives-Romantic About You Cassette (US, 1981)

Ahoy hoy!

Been feeling really down the last couple of days and pretty much not sleeping. At all. So, I've actually had a lot of time to think up some new stuff for the blog. I know, right? So, let's do it.

First up is a big track from Pittsburgh outfit Dress Up As Natives. I can't tell you how often this song pops into my brain. Romantic About You is actually from a demo cassette that was never officially released and is difficult to track down info on, but at least some of it is available for download HERE. And if you want to read a bit about them you can do so HERE. They officially released one 7" on Public Records in 1982 which is just as good and worth a listen also.

Secondly, same year but from the other corner of the globe, Dogmatic Element from Bangor, Ireland. This group managed to get out two 7"s, Strange Passion in 1982 and False Emotions in 1984. Again, you can read a bit about them HERE. For my money, Just Friends is a hit, but you can listen for yourself. 

I should probably start a new post now, but I'm too lazy so you'll just have to follow my wandering exhausted thoughts. Dogmatic Element appear on the 2012 compilation Strange Passion: Explorations In Irish Post Punk DIY And Electronic Music 1980-1983 which has some great hidden gems including this lovely and haunting Choice track, Always In Danger, which I will probably listen to like ten more times today. 

Okay, I'll wrap this up here. Gonna try to whip out a couple of long overdue mixtapes before I pass out from exhaustion. 


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