Monday, January 30, 2017

Scherezade-Million Years/Seventeen 7" (UK, 1982)

Lately it feels like there are too many catastrophes to keep up with. I mean, US politics alone, amiright? Those of us in Canada have basically been waiting and watching for the sickness to spread. Trudeau's acceptance of the DAPL earlier this week was the whimper and last night the news of 6 dead and 19 injured in a shooting rampage at a mosque in Quebec City became the bang. I usually try to keep politics out of my online life, but it's becoming more and more difficult to justify.

At any rate, this morning I woke up with the general sense of futility and despair that accompany waking up in a post-Trump world and I checked my phone, as per usual, to see what had died, exploded, been raped and/or pillaged overnight and instead of that, this song was waiting for me. Along with a host of new and exciting stuff.

This was sent to me by my new friend Alex who runs the PlanetNamedDesire YouTube channel which you should 100% go check out as well as the accompanying Facebook HERE. The Girlz On Vinyl playlist is basically 74 hits in a row, and I should know cause I listened to ALL of them this morning. Which is why my time for research is a bit short today, so I will just say I know NOTHING about this except what I was told which is basically it's limited to 200 copies. So, if you see one, pick it up. If you see two, send me one. And, just for good measure, here's another track by Somerset group Visibility Zero which was unreleased but killer.

This brought a little happy into my day, as only nerding out about records can do. I hope if you don't find it here, you get a little bit of respite in your day as well.


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