Friday, May 24, 2013

Defectors -You Only Laughed (UK, 1980)

So, I thought long and hard as to what the very first thing I would post should be.  After going through all the lists I have been making, I decided that I should just do a little fishing.  I have become totally obsessed with the Household Shocks compilation put out by Stark Products, evidently the label of some gents from One Gang Logic.  

All of the bands seem to be from in or around Scunthorpe, England, but even Scunny natives don't seem to have much info on any of the bands from this record.  And that brings me to my point, to introduce you to one of the lesser documented groups from this forgotten gem, Defectors.

On the insert the musicians are listed as Tony Menzies, Paul Johnson, Dave Woodhouse and Pennie Lister.  As of yet I have had no luck tracking down any of the Defectors, temporarily dashing my hopes of interviewing them. Of course, I am having technical difficulties and I cannot get the video post but you can watch it HERE.  This is their only track on Household Shocks, a dramatic opus called You Only Laughed.

So, in closing, if you were in one of the bands on this comp, ran the label, happened to know Defectors, they practiced in your garage, have pics or stories of them, please let me know.  The world needs to be told.  


UPDATE! If you are finding this post after the fact, I did find Defectors and you can read my whole interview with them HERE. and follow us on Facebook HERE. XOXOXOXOXO

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