Friday, May 24, 2013

Vermilion-Angry Young Women 7" (UK, 1979)

Vermilion was a London based writer and biker babe who appeared in Search & Destroy and the last issue of Ripped & Torn.  Her first 7" came out on Illegal records in 1978 featuring the tunes Angry Young Women, Nymphomania and Wild Boys.   Her only follow-up to this was the 1979 Illegal release featuring I Like Motorcycles and The Letter.   Vermilion was enthusiastic in her belief in a revolution led by bikers, punks and women.   There is no information on her whereabouts today to spice up this book-report bland accounting of her life.  I will keep you posted.  For now, enjoy the pic of her shitting in the sink.  Oh yeah, here's a song:



  1. Hi-Michael Cornelius said you were trying to find me?
    Karen aka P. Nurse Conflict
    Try this to see more:

  2. I love Vermillion I wish this was available on CD. The photo over the sink is hot. :)