Friday, May 31, 2013

The Maps - I'm Talking To You/My Eyes Are Burning (USA, 1979)

I thought I would stop in and give everyone a little update on the print zine. I have been working furiously, emailing, Skyping, writing and researching and everything is coming together for a great first edition! I am not going to ruin the surprises I have in store but I will say while it is Cool To Snog, you wouldn't want anyone to think you're a Raunchette and it's not your Fault 151 for simply being Partners In Crime.  If you break this secret code, you can be my research assistant.

I will blatantly share with you a song very close to my heart right now since my eyes are burning from staring at the computer, and another song for good measure.  No, these are not two identical videos.  It's both sides of the 1979 single from Boston band The Maps.  Enjoy!

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