Monday, November 3, 2014

Kaméléon-S/T LP (Quebec, 1981) & Térapi-S/T 7" (Quebec, 1982)

Man, what a fucking day. Got on my bike to go to work and the front wheel fell off, inexplicably, when I started riding. Rushed to take the metro, which was jam packed, of course, and some guy took the chance to grab my butt. Work was hell and there must be something in the air because everyone was grumpy all over today. But, for all the lows, there were some very nice highs. Amongst them, an acquisition of some records sorely missing in my collection. I am not going to brag but in among those is one of my favorite records from Quebec and here we are with this post about two bands from our fair province. 

I will start with Térapi. Just one self titled 7" with four songs out in 1982. You can go like them on Facebook HERE and mostly keep up with the singer's current solo career. Here's such a Quebec jammy jam. 

Now, onto Kaméléon. The singer of which still lives in Montreal and does some pretty rad shit. You can check out her current "electroacoustic" music HERE.  This particular record is pretty disco-y but stupid catchy. But, judge for yourself. 

Anyway, NDY is coming up so I will be back soon with some Toronto bands for you. Maybe even something before them? 

Big kisses,

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