Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Mutettes-Leatherette Heart 7" (US, 1983)

I am completely lacking inspiration for anything interesting to say as a preface to this post. I got a new job and I am stressssssssed and feel like I am the only X-Files fan who thinks the new season is going to be terrible and would really like to take a week of to sew and transcribe old interviews. But, alas, squeezing in a little blog post is all I can muster. In fact, my eyes are closing now listening to this Generation Loss song that's I've been humming all day so let's get this over with. 

Luckily for my mental state there's not a lot to say about this band that Lila Shaara hasn't written up on her site and which goes as follows:

"Many, many, many years ago, I was in the first all-female punk band in North Carolina. We were called the Mutettes. We made a single (as they called them in those days) on vinyl. The two songs were called “Leatherette Heart” (written and sung by Patricia Marterer) and “Shark on the Beach” (written and sung by me, Lila Shaara). It was recorded at Mitch’s Drive In, Mitch Easter’s studio in Winston Salem. REM had recorded there, which impressed us a lot. Mitch was very nice, and did a good job for not too much money. 

The Mutettes were mostly Pat Marterer (guitar), me (guitar), Elaine Craddock (bass), and a number of different drummers. (Our first bass player was Shari Alexander, but Elaine was in the band much longer.) Pat and I did most of the singing. Our first drummer was Sue Sneddon, who is a professional artist now, and paints some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. She is also a great percussionist, and plays with the Mobile City Band ( in Durham, NC. After Sue left the Mutettes to pursue her painting, Lesley Webster (pictured on the single cover above, far left, standing up) played drums with us for a while, and then Jan Hanks (a man!) played drums with us for the last year the band was together."  - Lila Shaara

Here's a video I threw up on YouTube but I believe you can download both sides of the single over at Ear-responsibility HERE if you are so inclined, and those links still work. 

Anyway, I am off to bed. Who knows when I'll be back. Maybe once I finally have this mental breakdown I've been nursing for about 6 months. Anything is possible! Enjoy. 



  1. Lila here. Thanks for posting this, Megon. I mislead people on the website, in that technically there was an earlier all-female punk band in NC called the Nones (get it?) There were 7 of us, and we were unwieldy, unskilled, but still, better than we should have been. (Our version of "These Boots Were Made for Walking", sung by frontwoman Ann Carter, killed.) But the Mutettes took things to a much higher level, and we cranked out lots and lots of original songs, some of which hold up pretty well. Unfortunately, we didn't commit any others to vinyl. Again, thanks for the post.