Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons-Screams To God (Sweden, 1980)

Here's one you probably already know, but, I am totally obsessed with this song from Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons.  So, I'll go ahead and share it anyway.  If you like it you can follow them on Facebook HERE or get a copy of the reissue over at Dark Entries HERE .  

In other news, our Montreal ODIF showcase on Thursday was a hit.  If you want to see how it went, there are videos HERE of Police Des Moeurs, Noyade and Low Factor as well as a few from the ODIF release show back in September in Fayetteville with Neon Glittery and Llinda.  Also, our friend David over at Astral Bating took a ton of rad pictures at the Montreal show which you can check out HERE.

Lastly, on our road to world domination, Issue #1 is reviewed in this month's issue of MRR.  Even made the top ten. So, that's something! Alright, before I forget, here's the song:

Ok, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone!

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