Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flowers (UK, 2013) & Flowers (Scotland, 1979)

It's way too early to be alive, but I thought I would make this post that was in my head when I woke up.  Other things in my head when I woke up, the song Clouded Eyes by Chron Gen and some remnants of  crazy dream about World War 13.  Anyway, a friend sent me this first song yesterday and I love the sound.  You can find more from this current London trio Flowers HERE and a bunch of their music HERE.  

When I saw the name I thought this new group was the old Scottish band Flowers who you know from several Fast Records comps. As usual, I am not going to say much about this band.  I have a secret plan to do a feature on the Earcom comps in a future issue of the zine so I don't want to ruin the surprise.  All to say, two bands with the same name seemed like a nice way to start the weekend, as Thursday is the new Friday.  Here's my favourite Flowers song from 1979. 

Also, a couple little reminders:  I forgot to tell y'all last weekend that Molly Nilsson was playing in Montreal.  And consequently, I forgot to go and have been kicking myself since.  So, don't pull a Megon and forget to go to one of the THREE shows this weekend.  

Thursday 17th, Peach Kelli Pop @ Il Motore 
Friday 18th, Lebanon Hanover @ Playhouse
Saturday 19th, Marie Davidson @ Casa 

Or you can join me early on Saturday at Cafe Atomic for an ODIF DJ set around 10pm.

Ok, happy Thursday!!

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  1. Megon - good connection there. Love the 1979 Flowers stuff, especially "After Dark". I too always twitch a little when I see the new band's name posted on the 'web, thinking it might be new material from the Scots. The new band's ok, certainly so if you enjoy Blondie, which I sometimes do....