Monday, October 14, 2013

Nice & New: Peach Kelli Pop & Lebanon Hanover

This weekend isn't even officially over and I'm already stressed/excited about NEXT weekend.  It also struck me that I haven't posted about any current bands on the blog, despite my best efforts to include them in the print zine. To rectify that, I have a double whammy for you...right now!

First up: Peach Kelli Pop from Ottawa.  This is the side project of the drummer of The White Wires, who I absolutely adore and have for a good long while.  The LP is out on Burger Records and is really fucking catchy.  You can see for yourself.  She is playing at Il Motore this Thursday, the 17th.  Event info HERE.  You can also find her HERE and HERE.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lebanon Hanover are playing here on Friday the 18th.  You can find event info HERE.  It's gonna be a fun, drug-addled cold-wave dance party. Here's a song to whet your appetite.  You can also find them HERE and HERE.

I will  also be doing an ODIF DJ set at the Atomik Cafe on Saturday night.  Super classic catchy punk, power pop and punksploitation.  Should be fun and funny.  Not sure what time, yet. Details will follow.  Hope to see you at some point this weekend!  


BONUS: The Pleasure Leftist LP is finally out on Deranged featuring a new crop of hits.  Here's one live.  Get a copy while you can, totally worth it.  Very lastly, the NEO BOYS double LP is also out on K Records.  Also worth dropping some bones on.  

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