Monday, November 17, 2014

Cry Of The Innocent-The Haunting/Still, Forever 7" (UK, 1982)

So, I have basically been sitting on my thumbs, not being struck by anything I really wanted to post about. Maybe because I've been busy and my stress level is through the roof right now, but today I got a wealth of inspiration that I'm going to chop up into several thematic posts this week before getting the hell out of dodge on Friday. Not to digress too much into a Dear Diary type thing here, but as many of you may know who follow me other places, my grandmother died last Wednesday and then Friday the neighbor's toilet overflowed and destroyed pretty much my whole house. So, I am going to go on a mini-vacay this weekend to see some shows and friends and when I get back, pack up my entire life and move out while the insurance company fixes my house.

Anyhoo, this never-ending shit show has me listening to a lot of stuff on the darker side of things including, but not limited to, this record by Cry Of The Innocent from Hull. If you read the zine, you know how much I love things from Hull and this is no exception. This record has just the kind of sound I love and the first time I heard the b-side, Lee Jones had my heart at the very first "Hey!"
You can glean some info about both releases by this band over at Phoenix Hairpins HERE and HERE. I don't think the download links are still active, sadly.

Either way, here's both sides of the single, Still, Forever being a particular favorite.

In other news, I want to thank everyone who came out on Friday to the Xarah Dion record launch. It was a helluva night. I have a couple more posts lined up of songs that I played that night that got a lot of attention. In the mean time, if you need her record, and you NEED her record, you can go HERE.


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