Saturday, November 8, 2014

Family Plot-Convictions LP (Canada, 1987) & Moev-Cracked Mirror 12" (Canada, 1981)

Holy shit, y'all. What a long and exhausting week, and weekend for that matter. All the guests and house guests are gone now and there's precious little time to relax. One thing that has been dragging me through the chaos by my boot straps is this lady, pictured below. And, yes, this is another post in my series of Canadian classics, well, should-be classics. Recently, I have become obsessed with the collective works of Madeleine Morris. Since Canada is my adoptive homeland, I feel an especial fondness for Canadian music, especially since much of it never made it out of Canada. Anyway, here's some stuff from the two main groups Madeleine was involved with, Moev and Family Plot.

I'll start with Moev, mostly due to chronology. And, also because the oh-so-knowledgeable gents over at Systems of Romance have done most of my work for me on this one. You can go HERE and download the group's first full length, Zimmerkampf, and read a bit about them. I have actually been listening to another song, Cracked Mirror, on repeat, which is featured on the 12" that came out the previous year in 1981 and put out on their own label Noetix, its only release. My friend Ronnie called this song "sad disco for days." He was kind enough to give us a very lovely shout out on-air last night on his radio show, Echo's Answer. You can listen to the episode HERE chock full of all sorts of lovely ladies like Rose McDowall, Confetti, Sally Dige, Sally Patience, Bloom Offering and so on. He should also be on-air in a little bit HERE from 1-3 EST today. Recommended.  

Okay, back on topic and fast forwarding a bit through several more Moev releases and Madeleine eventually leaving the band, we get to Family Plot. About this group Phil Addington, the bass player, writes:

I came back to Vancouver earlier than my other bandmates who were required to stay in England as they had run afoul of the law. The only person I had to play with was my youngest brother Bernie, who was also a bass player. He played a Rickenbacker through a Roland Jazz Chorus amp which gave him a unique, barking sound. When drummer Simon returned we formed an instrumental trio called "Danse Macabre". Two basses and drums. We were a hit at the druggy after hours parties. Paul returned and added keyboards to the sound. My girlfriend Madeleine Morris, who was singing with the up and coming electropop band Moev, decided to quit that band and join us. Family Plot started gigging in 1983. We played a number of great shows with bands like Alien Sex Fiend, Love and Rockets, Butthole Surfers, Nina Hagen, Hunters and Collectors, No Means No and Wire. We recorded a cassette ep and a 12" album shortly before Madeleine left (after she and I split up). We enlisted Naomi McLeod as singer and played with her for about a year before giving up in 1990.

Otherwise, this band is poorly documented just about everywhere, as far as I've found. I have been jamming this track pretty heavily, not on any of the albums, but appearing on the Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988 compilation. Otherwise, they have one album featuring Madeleine called Convictions, self released in 1987. 

Hope you enjoy one, or maybe both, of these tunes. I will be back soon with some more stuff, some Canadian, others not. I skipped Varning Fest this year and am storing up my energy for NDY Fest in Toronto in two weeks. I will see loads of you there, I know. Otherwise, my calendar is sadly lacking in exciting things coming up. OTHER THAN:

Don't forget I will be DJing between bands this night. Event info HERE.  This is a Montreal all-star line-up. Not to be missed. Come say hi!

Okay, love, love, love,

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