Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hilary-Kinetic 12" (US, 1983)

I don't have time to say much tonight, maybe for the best. I have so much to do before going out of town Friday but I really wanted to put this up. The other night during my set I played this Hilary song, Drop Your Pants. Long story short, everyone wanted to know what it was, so here it is. HILARY. I am shocked this record doesn't have a bigger cult following. I see Drop Your Pants up there with the best new-wavey, sarcastic 80's ladies anthems and it totally reminds me of the Kate Fagan and Anemic Boyfriends jams I have posted here before. And personally, I think the rest of the record is pretty catchy as well. Sadly, Hilary only ever wrote four songs released across two records. She passed away in 2007. There is a pretty comprehensive, although a bit outdated, fan site dedicated to her HERE where you can download all four songs. Here's her hit though, Drop Your Pants.

Okay, off to do a million and one things.

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