Monday, February 24, 2014

Emma Sharpe & The Features-Remember My Jealousy 7" (UK, 1983)

Some of you may remember back in October, I posted this Emma Sharpe & the Features song called I'm Not Crying, which is an absolutely perfect song in my eyes. And, pretty much if you follow me anywhere online you probably know that I have a huge crush on Emma Sharpe and I don't understand why more people aren't obsessed with this. 

 In the course of my daily rummaging online today, I revisited this record and found some videos I hadn't come across before of her performing live and fuck, they are adorable. So, go watch them: 
And, Christ, this one HERE
If these links are acting wonky you should find all these under the Video tab HERE.
I didn't realize this right away, but when I found these yesterday, each video had about 20 views. So sad. Let's change that. 

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