Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stinky Toys-Plastic Faces LP (France, 1977) & Elli and Jacno-Boomerang LP (France, 1982)

Are y'all ready for Valentine's Day? Have your rose petals scattered to and fro, champagne chilling in the fridge, chocolate fountain filled to the brim? Yeah, me too.  I mean, I usually just recycle the same d├ęcor from my celebration of Lincoln's Birthday and no one ever seems to notice. On a more serious note, this week has been crazy. So much awesome tempered by so much not. I think the good is still winning by a fine margin, so that's good, 'spose.

Anyway, my friend Mark as been in a French state of mind and it's got me revisiting a lot of my favourites, including these two.  First up, Stinky Toys with their hit Plastic Faces. I find everything about this video charming. Elli's dancing, how the host delays them and she missed her lip sync cue and the banter is priceless, although, in French.

After Stinky Toys, Elli and Jacno went on to perform together under the name Elli & Jacno, imagine that. They put out three LPs and a load of singles and a simple Google search will bring back a wealth of info on these two sweethearts. Of course, they have great videos, too.

Sorry, I have not been feeling so obscure lately. I will get back to posting things by bands you've NEVER heard of, soon.  I promise. In the mean time, I hope these classics can sustain you. My seeming laziness has good purpose, I assure you.  What little brainpower I have is being directed to something awesome.  

Also, a few things for you Montrealers reading out there.  Saturday, there are two shows I can recommend you in good faith. First off, Pypy are playing the TRH Bar.  I have not found a Facebook event for this but you can go to the Pypy FB page HERE or listen to them HERE.

If that doesn't float your boat, if you're more in a mood to rrrioooooottttt, Heathers 1988, Towanda and She Divides are all playing a lady power show HERE. Should not be unfun, or however you wanna say that.

There are also a whole bunch of shows coming up, so stay posted. Things are about to get fun again. We will see Peach Kelli Pop, Pleasure Leftists, Blouse, The Brusque Twins, PDM and Dum Dum Girls in the coming months as well as others, I'm sure. Too bad Belgrado tour was cancelled.  Blah blah anyway, gotta get back to work. This episode of Antiques Roadshow is not gonna watch itself. 

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  1. Hi, only just 'discovered' Stinky Toys as they were mentioned (and praised) on a radio programme on BBC Radio 4 here in the UK of all places! Also watched that YouTube video and yeah it's hilarious the way that slightly sickly compere almost interrupted the start of the song but Elli just terminates his interview abruptly anyway :) Wow that crazy dancing!!