Saturday, February 1, 2014

Peggy & The Pils-Nobody's Bride (Italy, 1985) & De Cylinders-I Wanna Get Married (Holland, 1980)

As always, it's been a crazy day around here.  I'm just finding time to kick back and relax now, killing my champagne buzz with beer, writing some emails and listening to some music.  Some subconscious spark of genius inspired me to pair up these two little gems.  So, for you now Dutch group De Cylinders with I Wanna Get Married out on CNR in 1980.  This has since been reissued by Sing Sing, those lovely gents who recently brought you the Lost Kids and Shivvers reissues.  Or, if you wish, our reputable and Pink, Plastic & Panties loving friends over at No Brains Mailorder can get you an original for a bit of coin HERE

Secondly, darling, precious Peggy and the Pils with Nobody's Bride from their 1985 12" EP of the same name. I have never seen this one fail to move a stagnant DJ night or bring a smile to the face, for that matter. Sadly, Peggy Richardson passed away a few years back but by all accounts this record is not hard to track down even still, especially on the continent.  You can read a bit about it HERE. And, here's a very charming live performance which I'm pretty sure was recorded at a shopping mall. Fuck, she's cute. 

Ok, got other stuff to do with this fine Saturday night. Have a good remainder of the weekend. 

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