Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nice & New: Weeknight, Doomsquad, Marie Davidson, Low Factor, Violence & Zodiacs OH MY!

I was informed that Superbowl Sunday is the day the most women get physically abused in the US and tomorrow there will be the most people calling in sick than any other day of the year. Despite the fact I am not watching sports or drinking beer, my thoughts are still 100% scattered to the winds. In turn with that sentiment, here are a few things, in no particular order, before I forget them:

Firstly, on February 9th, a week from today, I will be at Il Motore to see this band, Weeknight, and would love to see you there. I know, I know, Il Motore smells like piss and fish and it's far from everything except that one chandelier store. But, I would still love to dance and drink with you should you want to come do so with me. Doomsquad are also playing and it will be a dreamy good time. Event info HERE.

Secondly, a fair warning. Our dear, darling friends over at Weyrd Son Records are releasing the new LP by Montreal artist Marie Davidson early next month. The pressing is lovely and limited so if you're interested act fast. Only 300 pressed and I'm getting one so that only leaves 299 for the rest of you. Keep an eye out HERE.

On another Montreal note, our other friends who you should know by now, Low Factor and Violence, have BOTH just released their LPs. You can find the Violence record HERE and the Low Factor HERE. And, if you are in the area come August 5th, you can see Low Factor and Lebanon Hanover in Brussels. Event info HERE. Maybe pick up a Marie Davidson record while you are there! 

Lastly, nice but bending my definition of "new" a bit, Zodiacs.  Remember this little ditty? Well, it's been stuck in my head for a week. Hopefully, it's like a chain letter and I will be off the hook once YOU listen to it. I promise, nothing bad will happen to you if you don't, though. *Wink, wink*  A catchy jam from the Captured Tracks all-stars. Speaking of, the CT brick & mortar is the only place I believe has remaining copies of ODIF #1. Last I heard, anyway. We are sold out of all our other distros hither and yon. And, I certainly don't have any more so stop asking. Will reprint some along with Issue 2 so don't despair.


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