Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Subway Organisation Records

This post is not so much to edify you, but to simply to entertain you. It seems lately, and not that I mind, records from this label have been coming at me from all sides. So, might as well talk about them since I'm revisiting them anyhow. Here's a bevy of artists who appeared on the Subway Organisation label out of the UK. You can read about the label a bit HERE if you care to.

The Flatmates

Label founder, Martin Whitehead's band. Info HERE & interview HERE. They recently reformed and played some gigs.

The Shop Assistants               
I always get this band jammed up in my head with Dolly Mixture.  I know, I know, it's different...but is it? Anyway, you can read HERE, follow HERE.

The Charlottes

Super glad this band changed their name from The Giant Polar Bears. Either way, throw another one on the adorable pop pile. 

The Rosehips 

Simple described as 'jangly UK pop band', I find them a bit more charming than that. The thorough and  knowledgeable chaps over at Cloudberry have a lovely bit about them HERE.

Cowboy & Spin Girl
This one only kinda counts because she doesn't sing all the time but whatever. Still adorable. 

Bubblegum Splash
Another lovely read from Cloudberry on this one HERE. Or read about them HERE.

Okay, all this linkage is giving me a headache! I hope you have a super jangly, bubblegum day. 


  1. Nice post! Though, you forgot this fantastic single by The Fastbacks on Subway (and fronted by a girl)

    Oh! and thanks for this "The thorough and knowledgeable chaps over at Cloudberry" :)

    1. What did I say? Thorough! Haha, In all honestly, The Fastbacks have just never grabbed me so I kinda left them out. And, you totally nailed me on it, haha.