Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Welders-S/T EP (US, 1979) & D-Day-Too Young To Date 7" (US, 1979)

Well, here's a funny combo for you. I'll let you listen to the lyrics and figure out why I put these two songs together. First up, the Welders. I have a soft spot for anything from St. Louis back in the day and here we have it. I lived in STL for 5 years and discovered little to nothing about it's musical past and maybe it's because awesome releases, like this one, are all sitting around in people's basements, having never been released. This particular record was found and released in 2010 on BDR, who seem to specialize in STL punk, which is totally rad.  I think I also remember some sort of MRR feature about it. Don't quote me on that. Anyway, there's a little info HERE or check out the label HERE

And secondly, D-Day. I'm laughing to myself now because I don't even know where to start with this. Okay, let me start by saying this is their 1979 7" called Too Young To Date, which, not surprisingly, got them quite a bit of attention, good and bad. This record was the first released on Austin's legendary Moment Productions label which went on to put out the Big Boys and Standing Waves. Inadvertently, this post features two bands from places I used to live and maybe my brain is making deeper connections than I realize, especially given the subject matter of the tunes. ANYWAY, you can read an interesting bit about this group HERE.

I actually prefer the B side to this record which I will throw in here just for the hell of it. A tune called Every Time I Ask You Out with a distinctly X dual-vocals vibe. 
Okay, time to go to work!

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