Monday, March 3, 2014

Nice & New: Ice Cream, Brusque Twins, She Divides & Towanda

All last month I kept telling people I would just see them next month and here we are. Next month.  So...let me tell you a little bit about what I have planned, maybe you'll want to do some of the same stuff! I have been kind of fearing this week and tried to sleep all weekend in preparation but that didn't work.  Luckily, a few things have been cancelled and MOST of what is applicable to you, is listed below.

Okay, I'm gonna REALLY pare this down for you. Just the stuff you should really care about, as there are loads of other shows all week.  

Friday, March 7th, Trust from Toronto will hit it at SAT with Mozart's Sister whom you can listen to HERE. Event info HERE. This show is going to be packed and is, let's be honest, a bit expensive. So, if 20 bones is out of your price range, I offer you Ice Cream! Also from Toronto playing the Hit It! showcase with some other bands, event info HERE. Take a listen to them HERE and see whatcha thinks. IF $7 IS STILL TOO MUCH MONEY FOR YOU, I offer you Towanda playing a Death Church benefit show, PWYC, event info HERE. Listen HERE.  

I'm only gonna tell you about one show for Saturday, March 8th and that is Kontravoid playing with She Divides and our dear darlings the Brusque Twins. Event info HERE. Kind of a weird line-up but I will be there, with cupcakes and bells on. 

I will be back with more shows the last week of the month, maybe earlier?
See you in the pit, so to speak. 

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