Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nice & New: Tweens, Douce Angoisse, Pale Lips, Pleasure Leftists, Dum Dum Girls & Blouse

I told you I'd be back at the end of the month with more show updates and here I am! Most of these bands probably don't need an introduction. But, I just want you to know, they are all gonna be playing Montreal in the next week. So, if you wanna come say hi, I will be at ALL of these shows, even the ones happening on the same night. Of course, as always, you are welcome to come drink and dance with me. Here's what's happening in chronological order:

Friday, March 28th. (tomorrow) 
Blouse and Dum Dum Girls are playing at Il Motore. I am super curious to see how this show is gonna go. My gut says it should totally sell out a venue this size, but Il Motore is a notorious kiss of death so...we will see! Event info HERE.  After the show we will be staying to dance at the monthly Faggity Ass Friday dance party where Douce Angoisse will also be playing, who I have somehow never managed to see.

Alright, moving on to next week, because who knows if I'll make it back before then.

Saturday, April 5th.
Just a reminder about something I've already posted, our friends SVPER, from Barcelona, will be playing their ONLY Canadian date (sorry Toronto) so don't miss it. Police Des Moeurs will also be playing as it is a show to celebrate the release of their new LP. Event info HERE.

Sunday, April 6th. 
***Not blog related***, but just a bit of shameless self promotion, our dear friends Processor will be playing at Casa with Cell Memory and Hobo Cubes. So, come out for a lovely evening of dream noise, soundscapes and reasonably priced drinks and nachos. You know in your heart that Mac Demarco and Amen Dunes is way too expensive anyway. Event info HERE. 

Monday April 7th, 
Pleasure Leftists vs. Tweens.
I have been bugging people left and right trying to figure out which show to go to and I have finally decided I'm gonna bust my ass and go to both. I have loved the Pleasure Leftists since I first heard them, and you may remember even interviewed them for the zine HERE. But, the new LP fell a bit flat for me. Tweens, on the other hand, are still fresh in my mind and have not disappointed me...yet. so, I'm gonna give both bands a chance to dazzle me. Pleasure Leftists are playing at Il Motore (gross, I know) and the event info is HERE. Tweens are playing at Cabaret Playhouse with our friends Pale Lips, who I'm probably sadly going to miss...again. Event info HERE.

Okay, I have to leave it at that for now. I think that's a bit of info overload anyway. Maybe I'll see you this week! 

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