Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Waaaaah! CD (UK, 1991)

Today I had to listen to some stuff that took me back to a part of the 90's that I hate. My brain backlashed and brought me back to some stuff I'm gonna share with you here. A part of the 90's that I love. This general theme has been the majority of my day and as with my Subway Organisation post, I am not going to get into too many specifics for these groups, maybe none at all? Oh yeah, all this stuff can be found on the Waaaaah! CD compilation out in 1991.

Strawberry Story
I must have listened to this one 20 times today. So fucking catchy.
Here's some other stuff you can track down and listen to HERE.

 Fat Tulips
Evidently this song was on an episode of Pete and Pete,
which makes me love it even more. You can read a bit HERE.

 The Dufflecoats
No funny anecdotes about this one. Just a tiny bit HERE.

Thanks again, Cloudberry! HERE.

Have always loved them. A bit HERE.

 The Bedflowers
This is the song that inspired this post and although this tune is
not on the comp I mentioned, it's a great one.

There are a couple others without Youtube links.

The Duglasettes 
This song KILLS me. Like a little baby singing. Take a listen HERE. Or maybe y'all will like this one better HERE.

The Red Alarm Clocks
Also great, listen HERE.

Okay, I am sick, slept like total shit last night and worked all night so I'm off to bed.

Fuck ,you know I was super tired because somehow I forgot...
The Cudgels

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  1. Waaaaah produced some really great tunes. Good post. Thanks.