Friday, November 8, 2013

Miracle Cave-Coping With Illness/Turquoise Coal (Wales, 1983)

If you are friends with me on Facebook you know I have been posting about this band a LOT. Since the flurry of local activity related to the blog has slowed I have had time to get back to what I love most, tracking down old bands.  This is a real weird one.  Miracle Cave are a Welsh group active 1983-84.  Only about half the tracks are female-fronted but I am just so in love with this group I thought I would share it anyway.  

You can find a lot of info I'm not going to rehash here over on the Turquoise Coal blog, named for this group's second album.  Specifically, HERE and HERE.  The pages include free downloads and I would 
highly recommend taking advantage.  I uploaded some videos on my Youtube channel just to share with you so if you like these two jams head on over and check out the rest HERE:

This weekend is crazy and getting crazier so you won't hear from me for a bit.  Happy Friday!


  1. WOW. Great find--the blog does not have the files any more. While I pester them to re-up, might you be able to as well? Thank you!

    1. Email me at and I can send it to you. Thanks for your interest. <3 Megon

  2. I just emailed you. Thank you! I forgot to hit "notify me" and happened to check back.