Monday, November 25, 2013

Ex Post Facto-Oceanic Explorers 7" (UK, 1982)

So, everyone keeps asking me about about Issue 2 and I promise work continues, slowly.  Actually, I have so much in the works and so many things planned it may just end up being Issue 2 and 3.  But, in the mean time I am just feeling overwhelmed.  Either way, I apologize for the delay. Especially in the light of the feedback and requests I have been getting.  

IN THE MEAN TIME, continuing on my theme of very dramatic Mondays, I present you with Ex-Post Facto. You can read a bit about them HERE, and check out the track Oceanic Explorers HERE.  Trust me, you WANT to go listen to this dramatic, crashing synth-goth opus.  Anyway, here's another video if you are feeling just SO lazy you can't follow that link.  This other one is great too, but I LOVE songs about money. 


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