Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pylon-Chomp LP (US, 1983)

I'm home!  Barely alive, beaten and bruised from a VERY long, hard weekend.  All in all, Toronto was great. I ate a lot of pizza, which was a surprise. Partook in an array of canned ciders. Dressed several flesh wounds, none my own, shockingly. Spent an inordinate amount of money on street car rides.  Saw a million friends from all over, many I hadn't seen in years and met a lot of new, rad folks. 

In an ODIF related note, I bought a bunch of records I am looking forward to researching for the zine.  Many of which I bought in this gem of a record store, LP's LPS, which I would highly recommend checking out. In a non-related note, hanging out with everyone this weekend, old and new, made me realize a few things. Mostly, that in several instances I have misjudged people, some for the better and some for the worse. This song is dedicated to second impressions and sudden moments of hung-over clarity. Obviously, this is in the more mainstream vain, I mean, it pretty much sounds like REM, but this song cut through the haze of a back seat nap riding home this afternoon and kicked me in the brain. Sometimes things come back to you at the exact right moment. 

Here's the jam called Crazy by Pylon, from Athens, Georgia.  


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