Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Brat-The Wolf (US, 1983)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of y'all back in the States.  When I realized what today was, this seemed the perfect song to celebrate to.  I haven't listened to The Brat very much in recent years as they are a super nostalgic band for me, and not really in a good way.  I am glad to say, I feel I am ready to reintroduce them back into my semi-regular rotation.

This song in particular was not on the band's 1980 debut EP Attitudes but appears on the 1983 comp Los Angelinos.  It has also recently been reissued on a single, but you'll have to track that down on your own with no help from me, I'm nice but not THAT nice.  As far as the comp is concerned, it is pretty easy to find and is always usually between $10-15 so I would recommend finding that as you'll get rad tracks from The Plugs and other East LA bands as well.  Ok, off to work for me.  

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