Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tyranna-Tyranna 7" (Canada, 1980)

If you haven't seen my posts already, I am off to Toronto tomorrow and getting jazzed to speak English in shops and drink my favourite ginger beer.  Oh yeah, and see some shows and some people and meet some babes and babies.  I'm getting siked up by listening to Toronto music and at the top of the heap is Tyranna.  Always has been and always will be.  Here's another tune, aside from the iconic Back Off Baby called Neighbor. This record was reissued a bit ago on RaveUpRecords, it appears to be sold out on their website but I feel like I still see it around so keep your eyes out.  Also, if you missed it, I posted another tune from the No Pedestrians comp on the ODIF Facebook page by Zro4 called Blood.  Also rockin' so give it a listen. Anyway, I'm out for a good while!



  1. Hey, if you get a chance, could you post The Sharks 'Get Off the Radio' from No Pedestrians? I haven't heard it in about 30 years!

    1. I will! It may not be soooon but I have been meaning to post the Zro4 song from No Peds for a long time as well. Stay tuned or like us on Facebook so you don't miss it. 😘😘😘